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1. Create Node:
openstack baremetal node create  \
    --name <HOST NAME> \
    --driver redfish \
    --driver-info redfish_address=<BMC IP> \
    --driver-info redfish_system_id=/redfish/v1/Systems/1 \
    --driver-info redfish_username=<USER NAME> \
    --driver-info redfish_password=<PASSWORD>

2. Setup Properties
    2.1 Set Redfish Verify CA to False
        openstack baremetal set <NODE_UUID> \
            --driver-info redfish_verify_ca="False"

    2.2 Set boot mode to UEFI:
        penstack baremetal node set <NODE_UUID> \
             --property capabilities='boot_mode:uefi'

    2.3 Set Ramdisk and Kernel :
        openstack baremetal node set <NODE_UUID> \
            --driver-info deploy_ramdisk=<RAMDISK IMAGE UUID> \
            --driver-info deploy_kernel=<KERNEL IMAGE UUID>

    2.4 Set OS Image:
        openstack baremetal node set <NODE_UUID> \
            --instance-info image_source=<Deploy OS Image UUID> \
            --instance-info root_gb=SIZE  (optional)

    2.5 Set other Optional properties

3. Setup Network Port
    3.1 Create PXE Port(IRONIC PORT):
        openstack baremetal port create  \
            --node <NODE_UUID> \
            <MAC of CHASSIS/Baremetal NODE NIC>
    3.2 Create Network port (NEUTRON PORT)
        openstack port create  \
            --mac-address <MAC of CHASSIS/Baremetal NODE NIC> \
            --network  <NETWORK UUID>
            <PORT NAME:<HOST NAME>vif>
    3.3 Associate the neutron port(VIFport) to the ironic port:
        openstack baremetal port set <IRONIC_PORT_UUID>  \
            --extra vif_port_id=<NEUTRON_PORT_UUID(above command)>
    3.4 Attache VIF to the baremetal node
        openstack baremetal node vif attach  \
            --port-uuid <IRONIC_PORT> \
            <NODE_UUID> \

4. Change to manageable from enrolling
openstack baremetal node manage <NODE_UUID>

5. Provide
openstack baremetal node provide <NODE_UUID>
    - PXE BOOT
    - check network
    - Run AGENT in <Deploy RAMDISK>
        - Agent heartbeat
        - Agent check disk (not support SATADOM)
        - Agent format disk (required format command)
    - turn off system

6. Deploy
openstack baremetal node deploy <NODE_UUID>
    - check VIF 
    - PXE BOOT with <Deploy RAMDISK>
    - Deploy <Deploy_OS_Image> to Local Root Disk
    - Turn off
    - statue to active
    - Using Same <Deploy_OS_Image> in Local Root DISK

( If you use "boot_mode:local" then use "adopt" command instead deploy. )
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