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Simple IPMI Tool v1.0.43
 - Check IPMI IP Address
 - Send IPMI connand at multi thread
ipmi <cmd> [-T <thread num:20>] [-U <user:ADMIN>] [-P <password:ADMIN>] [-p <port:623>] -H <ip1,ip2,...>
power <status,on,off,reset,cycle,shutdown> : Power handle
sdr            : Show full SDR Info
sdr <record ID>: Show SDR <record ID>'s Info
sdr list       : Show list
sel            : Show SEL List
fru            : Show FRU Info
raw <raw cmd>  : Run <raw cmd>
bmc info       : Show BMC Info
bmc reset cold : BMC Cold reset
bmc reset warm : BMC Warm reset 

This will be fast send IPMI command to multi node.
But, it is very inital version.

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