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Kalculator (AppStore Name : Ealculator)
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This is a simple calculator for engineers and general users.
The main screen is a regular calculator design.

The Run button has the same color system and has separated the functions of the buttons by color.

Features for general users:
- General calculator function
- Number count function
  the number will increase 1 when you touch the “count” button.
  anyone can easily count something 
- Timer function
  if press Timer button then the button changed color to red and text will “start”
  if finished the timer then it will play sound about 10min.
  But, if you press “AC” button or “start” of timer then the sound will be stop.
  timer express : <hours>:<min>:<sec>
  if you type 1 then timer will start with 1hour
  if you type 00:5 then the timer will start with 5min
  if you type 00:100 then the timer will start with 1hour 40min (100min)
  if you type 00:00:005 then the timer will start with 5sec
  “AC” button will reset the timer.

- Stopwatch function
  it will increase 1/100 second.
  when touch “stopwatch” button then the stopwatch will start.
  and the button will changed pause.
  if press the “pause” button then stopwatch will paused on screen,
  but keep increasing the time in the background.
  so, if you press “resume” button then the screen keep going the time.
  “AC” button will stop and reset the stopwatch.
- Tip (Percent) value calculation function
  if you want get 15% price  of $25 then type "25TIP[15]"
- Calculate Percent(P(%)) of value rate (X:Y)
  if you want % value of 10/100 then type "10:100"
- Main screen is simple design for basic calculator .
- copy&paste calculated result
  if you want copy the calculate value then click "C" on the screen 
  if you want past to screen from coped meory then click "P" on the screen.
- copy&paste function string or data from/to other apps
- save to history and back from history
- Time calculator (hours between date time, forward(add) or backward hours from date time)
- Unit converter (included it at version 1.1.x)
  + SI Unit
  + Computer : Byte, KByte, ....
  + Temperature : C, F, K
  + Length : mm, cm, m, km, in, ft, yd, mi,
cun(寸), chi(尺)bu(步)li(里)...

  + Area : cm^2, m^2, in^2, ft^2, acre, pyeong(평), ...
  + Mass : g, kg, lb, oz, ...
  + Volume : ml, cc, liter, bal,
dan(石),hu(斛),dou(斗),sheng(升),ge(合),shao(勺), ...

  + Food : Cups, FL Oz, Pint, Quart, Tbsp, Tsp, ml
  + Speed : mph, km/h,....
  + Decimals: hexa(16), Decimals(10), octal(8), binary(2)

Feature for Engineers:
- convert mac address to integer and backward 
(Calculate mac address from known port's mac address)
- Convert IP address to integer and backward
(Find IP address of a node number/Find node number from IP address when the system has serialized IP address)
- Calculate size as a ratio of rectangle
- Find an average value
- convert date time to second and backward
- IP Calculator (CID, Netmask, Network, Nodes, Broadcast, ...)
  expression: or
- Math (cos, sine, tan, arccos, arcsine, arctan, cosh, sinh, tanh, ...)

Features to be added in future versions:
- More mathematical operations
- Enhance math operation 

App Store Version History

Initial release to App store


Added count, Timer, Stopwatch function
Enhanced calculation speed
Enhanced filter out method for wrong expressions.
Changed design to more easily find button.
Fixed miner bugs.


Added Unit converter
Fixed miner bugs


Added Math
Added IP Calculator
Added Time Calculator
Enhanced brightness handle
Enhanced sound handle when finished timer.
Fixed miner bugs

Fixed math expressions for long calculation ( previous version was calculated simple (short) expression)

Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Button explain:
Tip : Calculate Tip or percentage value.
(Ex: I will pay $25. and I will give Tip to 15% then : 25TIP[15] = 3.75
If you want total price then : 25 + 25TIP[15] = 28.75)
IP:Num : convert between IP address and number
IP Cal : Calculate IP address from <IP Address>:<CID> or <IP Address>:<netmask> to available IP Address, broadcast, CID, netmask, available network blocks, network.
Math: cos, sine, tan, cosh, sinh, tanh, arccos, arcsine, arctan,....
Mac2Num : convert Mac address to number
Num2Mac : convert number to Mac address
Time2Sec : convert date time to second
Sec2Time : convert second to date time
Time Cal : Calculate between date times or calculate date from a date time to additional hours.
Stropwatch : stopwatch (pause, resume)  (measuring time) (when starting this function then changed the button color. So, easily found the button.)
Timer : Count down / Timer (When waiting cook time, etc) (when starting this function then changed the button color. So, easily found the button.)
Count : just number increase when click "Count" button. (When counting items, goods, etc)
A~F : For hex code or Mac address
AC : Clean screen or reset Timer, Stopwatch, ... functions.
: Delete charactor
←  or → : Move cursor 
"<<"  or  ">>" button is history back or forward function.
% : modulo(MOD) calculator
P(%) : Percent calculator
Ratio : Ractangle ratio calculator
 (I want X value. but, I known Y and Z:P value (X:Y = Z:P)
   YRATIO[Z:P] = X.    ( 10RATIO[1:5] = 2) )
! : Factorial calculator
SP : Space bar
AVG : Average calculator 
  - Average of Numbers for 2,3,4,5 => AVG[2,3,4,5] = 3.5 
, : for AVG function
] :  if you have a mistake for delete function's "]" symbol then recover it with this button.
: : When using Ratio or Mac Address write.
Unit : convert unit from displayed value to your want value.
 - How many teaspoon for 10ml ? 
    10 -> Unit -> Food -> ml -> TSP -> Display "10ml -> 2TSP"  at Top of poped up window 
    the result will display at main display screen

    it can convert unit any location at your calculate string
    if you click "Cancel" button then restore to original your string.

x^y : Power calculate 
 - 3^2 = 9,  2^3 = 8
log : Logarithm
  - default : log(X) => LOG[10,X] => LOG[X]
log2 X => LOG[2,X]
- ln(X) => logE X => LOG[E,X] 

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